WordPress plugins

(Note added 10/5/09 – this post refers to a WordPress installation on my class server that no longer exists)

originally posted 3/4/09 on Amandarama! LIBR240 blog:

My Info. Tech. Tools class assignment for this week includes a requirement to add three plugins to WordPress. I decided to add the following tools:

All three plugins were easy to install. All I needed to do was download the .zip file to my computer, upload to my plugins directory in wordpress, and unzip the file using Terminal. Then I went in to the admin page for my blog and activated each plugin. I’m going to describe what each plugin does and any problems I encountered setting it up. Continue reading

Joining the 21st Century

originally published 2/24/09 for LIBR 240 Amandarama! blog:

I’ve been reading blogs for about six years now but haven’t had the urge to jump in and make my own. You could probably categorize me as a late-adopter in general: I didn’t get a cell phone until 2002, and then resisted getting one with a camera until it was almost impossible not to; I only joined facebook last fall; and I still don’t text. Continue reading

LIBR 240 blog

I’m going to add some of the content from my LIBR 240 blog, which has been taken down. I’m using my final website project as evidence in my ePortfolio, and the other blog was linked to the website, so I want to preserve the contents.

Blog Class

I’m in the blogging class right now. This is a test post to see how this whole thing works.