Joining the 21st Century

originally published 2/24/09 for LIBR 240 Amandarama! blog:

I’ve been reading blogs for about six years now but haven’t had the urge to jump in and make my own. You could probably categorize me as a late-adopter in general: I didn’t get a cell phone until 2002, and then resisted getting one with a camera until it was almost impossible not to; I only joined facebook last fall; and I still don’t text.

I spent a lot of time thinking over what I wanted to talk about in this blog. I thought about doing a library-student-looks-for-a-job kind of blog, but hopefully I wouldn’t be writing about that topic for long (because I’ll get a job quickly, right?). I thought about blogging about a particular interest, except I realized for the following points:

  • Cooking – I love to cook, especially baking, but look at all the blogs out there about food and wine! I’m sure I’d have nothing original to add to this conversation.
  • Books – I am a really bad critic. I will read just about anything. Endless lists of recommendations would not be very interesting.
  • Birds – I have two parakeets. I can talk about them for hours. You really do not want me to. Anyway, no cute animal blog can compare to Cute Overload.

So, I will spare you any of those topics.

I thought I should explain the tagline as a way to describe what this blog is going to be about.

  • Former Archaeologist – I was in a PhD program studying Anthropology and Archaeology for two years before I decided I wanted to be a librarian instead. Since most of the library students and librarians I meet seem to have a humanities background, usually in History or English, I thought my Social Sciences background would give me a slightly different perspective.
  • Future Librarian – I am in library school. Since I am currently immersed in coursework for this, I expect this blog to talk quite a bit about library topics.
  • Unrepentant New Englander – I grew up in Massachusetts. Despite living in California in places with nearly perfect weather for over 7 years, I am still, and will always remain, a New Englander in spirit. I think this is a major influence on the way I see and talk about things.

In other words, this is a blog about libraries, California, and archaeology, topics that may or may not intersect.


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